LiMo is toast

If you are one of the couple of people interested in the LiMo, then the dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hellish yarn which says that the Linux based mobile operating standard is effectively dead in the water.

For those who came in late the LiMo aimed to be the first truly open, hardware-independent, Linux-based operating system for mobile devices and it was run by a Foundation of industry leaders.

However it has been suffering from a few setbacks lately. Vodafone has dumped the LiMo-based 360 H2 and will not offer any LiMo handsets.

This was mostly because the LiMo-based Samsung Electronics handset models, the 360H1 and 360M1 failed to attract much sales interest.

Of the LiMo Foundation’s six founding members, Motorola has withdrawn,while Samsung and Vodafone no longer show significant interest.

The only groups that seem to be still interested are NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic and NEC. Digitimes has been ringing around handset makers in old Taipei and any optimism that they might have had that LiMo would go anywhere has completely dried up.

In fact very little has been happening at the Foundation since Motorola downgraded its membership last year.

Many feel that the Foundation should shut down and merge with the Linux Foundation