LG signs up for a Firefox phone

Mozilla’s Firefox based mobile operating system is starting to gain some momentum.

LG has announced that it is going join Alcatel, GeeksPhone and ZTE in the Firefox OS market.

During an interview with Bulgarian tech press, LG’s mobile communications head in Bulgaria, Dimitar Valev, has spilled the beans on the company’s plans for the future.

He tried to imply that the plans only regard Bulgaria, it’s pretty obvious he was talking about LG’s global strategy. Not even LG would only try to flog a phone brand only in Bulgaria.

Valev said that LG is also looking to come up with a new tablet, phablet and even a smartwatch based around the operating system.

There have been a few rumours regarding a Firefox OS smartwatch, but no snaps of prototypes have tipped up.

LG’s first Firefox OS phone is tipped to arrive in early 2014 with the launch date for the Firefox OS smartphone said to be the first quarter of the next year.

This will give LG time to observe how Firefox OS devices are doing.

LG announced its support for Mozilla’s Firefox OS platform at Mobile World Congress in February and the operating system is being seen as a way for mobile makers to lose their dependence on Google’s Android.