LG missing from Mobile World Congress

While it’s always interesting to see which companies are at Mobile World Congress and the announcements they make at the show, it can be equally as interesting and telling to see which firms failed to show up this year, or at least kept their presence to a bare minimum.

While Apple is notorious for never attending trade shows, the likes of Nokia are usually expected to turn out in force – something which certainly didn’t happen this year, with the firm keeping an uber low profile at the Barcelona Fira this year, appearing only briefly to make a lackluster announcement about linux based software with Intel. Not exactly the showing one would expect from the world’s largest provider of handsets.

Another big handset maker was also conspicuously absent; LG.

Not only did LG not have a booth at MWC, it also failed to announce any new handsets.

According to booth rumours, the aforementioned two factors were inextricably linked. “Our CEO spoke to the LG CEO a couple of weeks before the show,” said a VP manning an LG partner’s stand. “Apparently he told my boss that a few of the handsets the firm had planned to launch at MWC had fallen flat and that they had to take the strategic decision to pull out of the show,” he told TechEye.

“LG just had no new announcements and the cost benefit of attending just wasn’t there,” he concluded.

That’s not to say LG phones weren’t on display at all. The firm’s Android powered GT540 and its Mini GD880 were spotted on other stands on the show floor. Just a shame LG wasn’t there to promote them itself.