LG G2 promo stunt rushed by sharp shootin' BB gun mob

The company formerly known as Lucky GoldStar, LG, has cancelled a series of promotional events after a “surge of people” stormed a Korean park with BB guns and “knives on sticks”.

LG let 100 helium balloons loose at the G in the Cloud event in Seoul. Each balloon had a voucher for a free G2 smartphone inside, worth as much as £550.

But the park was stormed by people armed with BB guns who then tried to shoot down the balloons. One person reportedly showed up with a “pointed staff,” according to the BBC.

Another attendee had a net on a stick [pictured].

Initial reports say 20 people were injured and some were hospitalised. LG promised to cover any medical costs.

The company later said other events were to be cancelled, citing safety concerns. 

A local TV station said the incident was reminiscent of ‘World War G’, a reference to the apocalyptic zombie novel and film ‘World War Z’.

It doesn’t look like much of a surge to us, but we weren’t there, man.

The stunt, which some say went “horribly wrong”, will have certainly generated some awareness of the G2.