LG Electronics joins dwindling MeeGo club

Comatose MeeGo could get a strong shot in the arm from other mobile phone manufacturers who want an open source project, such as LG, following Nokia’s surprise affair with Microsoft.

A MeeGo exec, Valtteri Halla, told a developer’s conference today that discussions are taking place and that we will “see things coming out this year, pretty soon”. LG Electronics, peddler of novelty 3D phones such as the Optimus Sex, has joined a working group along with ZTE and China Mobile which wants a handset version of the software, according to Reuters.

Prime MeeGo backer Intel keeps reassuring developers that it is fully committed to the MeeGo platform. It’s on the hunt for talent in Finland – possibly amidst rumours of job chops at Nokia.

Intel recently announced it would be setting up labs in China with a leading telco in the country to focus primarily on tablets and internet services – suggesting some positive news for the project.

At the same time there have been whisperings that it is in talks with Android, with some suggesting its commitment could be as strong as its dedication to the doomed WiMax in Taipei. It’s “hard to say”.

While Android reigns supreme as far as open source OSes go, there are calls from South Korea that it is just about as closed as you  can get in reality, and actually panders to anticompetitive tactics. Google denies this.