Lenovo smartphones to go global

Lenovo is the world’s second biggest PC maker, but it is also one of the biggest smartphone players in Asia. However, most consumers in the West don’t even know Lenovo makes smartphones. This might be about to change – fast.

Lenovo is in talks with NEC about plans to create a global smartphone joint venture. As a result, the first big wave of Lenovo smartphones threaten to arrive on American and European shores as early as next year. 

According to Reuters, the deal has yet to be finalised, but everyone is already taking it very seriously. NEC’s phone business has faced its fair share of troubles in recent years and a deal with Lenovo could practically save it in one fell swoop.

Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. Lenovo exec Gianfranco Lanci has told DPA that the company plans to enter the phone market in Africa and West Asia later this year, while the big push into Europe will happen in 2014. 

“In Western Europe, you have to sign contracts with every telecom company and make sure your devices are compatible,” said Lanci.

Lanci also said Lenovo plans to become the world’s number one PC maker next year.