Latin America mobile providers embrace the Micro-SIM

As more countries throughout Latin America are receiving the “revolutionary and magical” iPad and iPhone 4, mobile operators throughout the region are also embracing its tiny “micro-SIM” as an option.

Earlier this year Sean Cooper at Engadget said that the new “Micro-SIM” cards used on Apples iPads had the potential of being – at least in the short term – a measure that prevents users from switching carriers by swapping out SIM cards, as users were going to “have a hard time finding a carrier offering Micro SIMs in the short term since the GSMA doesn’t appear to be actively spearheading a mass conversion”.

Well, in the end it did not take that long for mobile phone operators to embrace the format, we guess because Apple users are so hip and also considered early adopters of expensive tech and thus potential targets for the mobile operators wallet-vacuuming schemes.

Mexican mobile phone giant Claro was among the first to announce the availability of Micro-SIMs in its Brazilian branch during early August. The cost of a Micro-SIM from Claro in Brazil is just less than 9 US dollars, or less than 7 EURolanders currency, or less than 5.60 quid as you might prefer, all as reported by the  “Dr. PDA Mobileblog

The same Apple devotee-pleasing maneuver seems to be happening across the different countries where the firm Claro operates, including Central America and even before the iPad and iPhone 4 – iFad and JesusPhone 4 hereinafter – are launched locally. For instance, news about Claro Codetel offering Micro-SIMs in Dominican Republic surfaced by Friday although iPhoneFanatico acknowledges that the JesusPhone 4  is not yet available there.

Half a globe down South and across the Andes, Chilean site reports that “all three” mobile phone providers (Claro, Entel, Movistar) are offering Micro-SIMs as well.

And here in Argentina, Spanish telecoms behemoth and local-loop monopoly Telefonica – which operates mobile service Movistar – told TechEye that beginning last Friday, the firm began offering Micro-SIMs for Apple devices.

Although some bloggers were quick to point out the firms data allowance limits: Movistar plans begin at $25 greenbacks (20 Eur, 16 quid) per month for a data transfer quota of 1 gigabyte , and the equivalent of $30 US dollars (23.30 EUR, 19 quid) for 3 gigabytes of data usage.

However, if you have a steady hand, adventurous geeks – well, as far as adventurous geeks can be – are using scissors to cut a regular SIM into a Micro-SIM, recording the seemingly extraordinary feat on video and uploading it to YouTube for your money saving enjoyment. A nice template do the cutting – use it at your own risk – can be found over here.

And here is the video: