Korea militarises Samsung smartphone apps

South Korea has been developing battlefield applications for Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S and other Android-based smartphones.

According to the Korea Times, nine apps have been completed with more coming.

The big idea is that the Koreans want to use smartphones in military operations and since it has a big smartphone maker close it thought it would use it.

Military units have been using the apps and come to the conclusion they are assets to the country’s armed forces, a spokesperson said. Although it was not clear if they just meant they were pleased with Angry Birds.

Nine applications include the Battlefield Augmented Reality System (BARS) that displays maps and animated terrain to assist military planning, and others that relay audio and visual images.

There is also an application that tracks troops and military units with the use of built-in links to a global positioning system (GPS) and ones that allow soldiers send texts and documents while they are being shot at.

The smartphones have been adapted so that they can be used as a walkie-talkie.

Currently they are being tested on the Galaxy S II. If these phones are used they will have to work for five to six years without changing them.