Jobs to shrink his magic wand

The fruity seller of broken dreams, Apple seems set to listen to fanboys who felt that 9.7 inches was far too big to fit comfortably in their hands.

When the iPad came out there were many who felt that the magic was in the size of its screen in that it felt like you had a magazine. However there were moans of discomfort as users found 9.7 inches far too much to take and apparently there was a request to Apple for something in the range of seven inches.

The truth of the matter is that many were too puny to lift the thing and after ten minutes it would end up resting on a table with the fanboy slumped over it exhausted.

Rumours that Jobs was going to shrink his magic wand to seven inches have been riff in the Asian press. Digitimes  , er Digitimes’ unnamed sauces in screen industry, have been saying it almost as soon as the iPad was magically released.

Now it seems that iLounge has found a “highly reliable sauce” told them of a 7-inch iPad was being lubed up and ready to be placed in the hands of fanboys any month now. In fact the Economic Daily News claims this “iPad 2” is coming for the holiday season.

While the Asian IT press is a little unreliable, iLounge is from California so say no more, but the idea of an iPad mini actually fits very nicely into Apple’s product range.

Back in 2010, iLounge’s original Apple tablet rumours said that Apple was preparing a seven inch tablet. Later its reliable sauce said that Jobs Mob had changed its mind and now thought that seven inches was far too small for the cut and thrust of its fanboys and girls.

Of course that might be true, but if it was then Apple made a bit of a mistake as people appear to be using the iPad for different things. Those who want to read books will want a smaller screen. Magazine readers want it a bit bigger. Others just use the thing as a drinks tray.

The other thing Apple would like is that the smaller screen is cheaper to make, but the price reduction would not be that much. The mark up on the smaller machines is likely to be huge.

It is worthwhile noticing that rivals tablets are all going to be smaller. The feeling seems to be now that Apple should make two sizes. One would be “regular” and the other will be super sized.