Jobs snubs AT&T

AT&T, which was Apple’s number one chum when it came to flogging the iPhone, has been shut out from Jobs’ iPad project.

A recent e-mail from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs stated the forthcoming iPad will initially be sold only in Apple retail and online stores, as well as Best Buy.

According to AppleInsider this means that AT&T, despite being the exclusive wireless provider for the iPad in the US, will not be allowed to sell the beast in its shops.

Those who buy the iPad can have 3G-capable hardware, which carries a $130 premium. The carrier will offer data for $15 per month for 250MB, or $30 per month for unlimited access.

However, it is a little strange that Jobs has ruled out AT&T as a sales point for the gizmo.

AppleInsider thinks that the move is short term. It is possible that Jobs is worried about supply problems an wants to butter up Best Buy in the short term. However it is a slap in the face to the supplier who probably was responsible for subsidising the iPhone to the levels of success it had in the US.