Jobs' Mob admits iPhone 4 is cracking up

The fruity peddler of broken iPhones, Apple, has admitted that the iPhone 4 now has a problem with cracking.

However, rather than admit that there is a fault in the perfect iPhone4 design, the outfit has decided to blame the third-party slide-on cases for the problem.

The outfit has said that it will stop selling certain iPhone cases that are destroying the iPhone 4. It is also supposed to be looking at ther cases which might be doing the same thing.

Apple Stores will no longer carrying several iPhone 4 cases because Apple claims are causing the  cracks and scratches.

If you believe Apple, the slide-on iPhone 4 cases are the specific culprits. This is because the glass backing of the iPhone 4 is not as durable as the material on the front. Dirt gets stuck in the slide-on cases are causing alleged cracks and scratches.

However this is a little odd given that Apple told us that the glass in the iPhone 4 was really strong, less prone to scratching and 30 times stronger than the plastic it replaced. However this problem never happened with the 3G which was plastic.

The older model iPhones apparently have no problem with the slide-on cases.

Soon after the iPhone 4 was first released, people started to moan about its fragility. Now it seems that Apple Insider has got its paws on a study which show that the iPhone 4 is the most fragile phone ever built.

The study by third-party warranty provider SquareTrade looked at 50,000 smartphones covered by its warranty plans. Of them iPhone 4s were more likely to break with 13 percent not surviving a year.

The iPhone 4 appears to be Apple’s Vista. Not only does it have a problem with dropped calls, thanks to the unique antenna design, it now appears to have problems with cracking.

Cynics would say that Jobs has a lemon on his hands and rather than recall the comedy phone, it is hoping to pin the problem on third-party cases. Apple fanboys appear to be buying these “dog ate my homework” excuses so all is well.

Meanwhile it will then release the iPhone 5 where the problems are all fixed and the iPhone 4 fiasco will go away.