Jägermeister app finds your Jägerbomb for you

Here’s the only location app we bother to use. Jägermeister uses your phone’s GPS tracking to get you to a well stocked bar with ice cold Jäger, and quick.

There’s all that other guff like music, festivals and nightclubs, but the important point here is the ability to instantly source where you can get your nearest Jägerbomb. 

We’ve heard so much in the silly season about the wonder-material, graphene, but news has been stark on the goth juice*. So we’re glad to see its Ice Cold app, made by Grapple Mobile, is making headlines. Or making headaches. 

Yes, simply open Ice Cold and you’ll get swift directions to the Fox and Fantasy Knife or the Dog and Death Metal. 

There’s also news about bands and the music stuff Jägermeister likes to get behind. It’s available on Android and iPhone, and it’s free. Probably best to be smart and don’t pair it with Google Navigation though.

*EyeSee The smartest way to drink Jägermeister is to drop a shot into a pint. This concoction has proven to be child-friendly and scientists are saying it can be enjoyed responsibly for as little as a couple of quid at a Wetherspoons. Bombs away!

*EyeSee 2 Disclaimer: It’s obviously not child friendly, stupid.