It will be the end of the world when Microsoft gets a tablet out

Proof that Microsoft has really lost the plot when it comes to mobile computing has been revealed by Bloomberg.

It seems that Redmond has delayed its already delayed Tablet operating system until 2012. This was coincidently prophercised by Ancient Mayan magicians as one of the events which would happen shortly before the end of the world.

Bloombery and the Mayans say that the software giant won’t release a Windows operating system tailored especially for tablets “until the 2012 back-to-school season.

It will begin testing with partners and customers at the end of the year.

Redmond is not saying anything about the Bloomberg report of course but it is fairly likely. While Google and Apple have made a killing out of Tablets, Microsoft has been sitting on its hands.

Ironically it did have a very nice Tablet all ready to go which would have been an interesting rival for Jobs’ Mob’s efforts. That was knifed by internal politics in Redmond.

Windows 7 is being seen on tablets, but it is not really designed for ARM chips and the outfit has had a tough time making it run on Intel’s low-power X86 chips.

Redmond has been consistently unable to come up with a decent mobile strategy and consistently pushes itself out of the market.

Earlier this week Business Insider said that Microsoft planned to demonstrate tablets running Windows 8 by the end of June and Dell has Windows 8 tablet, code-named Peju, slated to arrive on store shelves in early 2012.

All in time to be wiped by the first solar flares and the heat death of the Earth.