It costs $450 to sell a $49 Nokia

An analyst has worked out that it costs Nokia and AT&T $450 to sell every $49 Windows Lumia 900 phone.

AT&T has backed the move to sell the the Lumia 900 by spending a lot of cash on advertising the beast.

Ad Age estimates that it spent $150 million on advertising and Nokia also spent $25 million on Lumias for AT&T employees.

Writing in his bog,  Horace Dediu suggested that all that cash has resulted in a sales figure of 330,000 Lumias sold in the United States. So if you take this number, divide by the marketing budget you discover that Nokia and AT&T are spending about $450 to make you buy a $49 Lumia 900.

Bernstein Research analyst Pierre Ferragu  thinks that only three million Nokia WP devices will ship this year, based on sales of 1.1 to 1.4 million so far worldwide.

He thinks that Phone 7 has insignificant traction and Windows Phone 8 is likely a 2013 story only.

Until recently a Lumia 900 sold for $99 this meant that AT&T managed to get 30 million of its marketing costs back. But over the weekend AT&T slashed the $99 to $49 which means that it will hardly get any return on its marketing budget.