iPod killer gets life down under

The man dubbed by the press as the iPod assassin has been jailed for life down under.

Sadly, Stephen Michael Freeman did not earn his nickname stamping on iPods, rather he used to wear Jobs’ Mob’s gadget while he murdered a bloke in his own home.

Apple fanboy Freeman, 27 called himself the “assassin” who dressed up in overalls and listened to his iPod while he carried out the killing.

Alessio Di Risio was stabbed 21 times with a diver’s knife and while Freeman turned himself in he showed no particular remorse.

Supreme Court Justice Peter Blaxell described Freeman’s actions as a “horrifically callous”. His casual attitude and the fact he took along an iPod along was “simply unbelievable” – after all exposing such a beautiful gadget to a scene of horrific brutality is a crime against humanity.

Freeman told an undercover cop that he should try killing someone because it is a great feeling.

A psychiatric assessment found that while he had a personality disorder with paranoid narcissistic traits, he did not suffer from a mental illness or psychosis that could explain the crime. The iPod was apparently not a clue.