iPhones to be scrapped

It seems that Steve Jobs feels it is time to tap the gold reserve of Apple fanbois for some more cash and declare all his iPhone range obsolete again.

Jobs’ Mob has a habit of “updating” its expensive gear regularly on the assumption that Apple users will scrap all their kit and buy the latest thing.

A research note from Lazard Capital Markets claims that there are two new iPhones in the works

SanDisk currently supplies NAND to Apple for the iPad and the iPhone, and Lazard suspects that SanDisk could be Apple’s sole NAND flash supplier, as its 32GB iNAND is believed to be included in both devices.

Details are scarce on what will be under the bonnet of the new iPhones. Production is currently on track for May. Apple will probably introduce two new models in a Nuremberg style rally in June.

One of the models could be an upgrade of the $99 iPhone to a 3GS-based design. It will come with two cameras with image sensors made by Omnivision. The expectation is for the current iPhone 3G and 3GS versions to be phased out later this year.

It is not clear if these changes will be enough to woo Apple fanbois to junk their existing phones and start over. Having said that, given the state of humanity, Apple fanbois will buy what ever they are told and the US press will write pages on how the new models are completely wonderful even if they are basically the same machine.

Apple will ship around 7.2 million iPhones during the first quarter of this year. In the fourth quarter of 2009, 10.5 million iPhones were produced, though only 8.7 million sold.