iPhone users mugs, Android users cheapskates

A new report from AdMob reveals that while iPhone and Android users spend about the same amount of time playing around with their apps, iPhone users are far more keen to splash out for them.

AdMob ran an opt-in consumer survey for iPhone, iPod touch, Android and webOS devices over February 2010 to see how users were engaging and interacting with applications. The survey found that only 21% of Android users pay for at least 1 paid app per month, compared to 50% of iPhone users.

Of course, there are a couple of simple reasons that explain the statistics. First, and most obviously, Android has far more free apps in its market, as well as being open source and encouraging free apps. Second, iPhone users are utter mugs who don’t mind being fleeced at least once a month.

That said, the majority of the iPhone masses would definitely recommend their device, with a staggering 91% being totally keen, compared to 84% of Android users and 69% of webOS users.

It turns out iPod Touch users are the most eager to tinker around with apps, spending about 100 minutes a day using them, 25% more than iPhone and Android users. Probably because you can’t do much else with an iPod Touch.

Not included in the report is the Android Market’s 100% lead compared to the iPhone in bikini girl applications.

You can read the full 21 page report here and check out the AdMob blog here.

Thanks to Mobile-Ent.biz for bringing this to our attention.