iPhone users are still revolting

AT&T customers are still fuming over the phone company’s network service for the iPhone despite a failed attempt by the hack Dan Lyons to rally customers into a revolt.

Last December Lyons suggested that at noon Pacific time every iPhone user should turn on a data-intensive app and run that app for one solid hour.

“Send the message to AT&T that we are sick of their substandard network….Join us and speak truth to power!” he said.

Unfortunately Operation Chokehold failed because Jamie Barnett, the US Federal Communications Commission’s chief of public safety and homeland security told Lyons that if the project went ahead that would be terrorism. People would die if AT&T’s 911 system was overloaded, he pointed out.

Lyon,s with all the conviction that he used to back SCO, washed his hands of the revolt and left it to braver souls to take over.

AT&T Operations President John Stankey admits that the phone company underestimated the popularity of the iPhone and how often people would use it. “It’s not atypical, he says, for 80 percent of a college football crowd to be using their iPhones,”he sighed.

The problem was that the networks delivering all this data are still just catching up with the present. But there are a few more problems here. If AT&T upgrades to the extent that iPhone users demand it will cripple its profits.

Charging more, limiting use, or refusing to sell the iPhone in areas that have networks that are over used is also a hiding to no where.

However users are getting worse. John Rust, a 19 year old college kid from Purcellville, Virginia. Rust formed the Three Musketeers, which is dedicated to annoying AT&T.

Rust might be going to a Christian college and sign his emails with the word ‘blessings’ but there is no forgiveness towards AT&T for flogging him a limited ‘unlimited service’.

Rust works with Dylan Pine of Nashville and Peter Serven of St. Louis via social networking. Serven started a Facebook group and reserved Twitter usernames and domain names related to Chokehold.

The trio are getting a lot of attention. They have been interviewed by CNN and are working with developers to create an online mapping service that lets users post AT&T dead zones and poor service areas for everyone to see. They are also organising “flash mobs” to picket AT&T Wireless stores.