iPhone used to monitor heart

This one will get your heart pumping. In yet another move to use Apple products in every sector of society a company called Alivecor is set to show off a new system at the Consumer Electronics Show that uses an iPhone to monitor your heart.

While we weren’t exactly sure that Apple fanboys even had hearts, Alivecor begs to differ, believing that its iPhonECG system can make a good alternative to standard electrocardiogram (ECG) devices.

The system requires the iPhone 4 and a special case that has two electrodes on it. This case turns the phone into a wireless clinical-quality cardiac measurement tool, according to Alivecor. It can monitor heartbeats by holding it with your hands or by pressing it against your chest, displaying graphs and heart rates on an application that come as part of the package.

With a price tag of under $100 Apple users may have a heart attack at just how cheap this is compared to their trusty iThingies. This price might be cheaper than standard ECG devices, but that’s not taking into account the price of the iPhone 4 itself. Chances are that stressing over not being able to pay your bills after buying an iPhone is the reason an ECG is needed in the first place.

While the iPhonECG looks interesting, we can’t help but wonder how many people’s hearts will stop beating if they hold their iPhone 4 in the wrong way.

Here’s a video of a guy in a white coat heartily demonstrating the technology.