iPhone tracking gets fanboy into fight

For the last year, the Tame Apple Press has been running stories where iPhone thieves have been arrested because of anti-theft devices installed in the shiny toys.

However there is a downside to these have-a-go-hero stories which has not been as well reported.

In the US, a youth baseball umpire thumped a bloke who he thought had taken his iPhone after he thought it tracked his stolen phone.

According to New Jersey Online Carl Ippolito, 52, of West Amwell, New Jersey, believed his iPhone had been stolen from his car and used an app on his son’s iPhone to track the missing toy.

The app pointed to Brent Johnson, 27, of East Brunswick who was talking on an iPhone. In New Jersey style, Ippolito had a quiet word with the bloke who he thought nicked his phone.

Johnson tried to walk away, but Ippolito grabbed his shirt, pulled the bloke to the ground and punched his head and body.

It sounds like an open and shut victory for the iPhone software and its ability to track stolen phones.

The only problem was that Ippolito later learnt that he had left his iPhone in the “snack shack” at the baseball field, where he had been umpiring a youth baseball game, and it was still there.

Inspector Knacker of the New Jersey Yard fingered Johnson’s collar and has charged him with assault.  It was just as well a firearm was not involved.

Until now, coppers have assumed that the technology was spot on and were thinking of using it as a method of cutting phone thefts. But it appears the method may not stand up in a court of law.

After all it is a bit on the nose to be beaten up by a bloke who claims his son’s mobile has accused you of nicking his phone.