iPhone threatens to explode on a plane

Regional Express, a national airline in Australia, has announced one of Cupertino’s fruity iPhones managed not just to drop a call, but almost an entire plane.

A passenger’s mobile started smoking, which as we all know is banned on most flights, and glowing red. (Pictured above)

The flight attendant was worried enough to carry out “recovery actions” and put out the red glow.

No one was harmed, but a passenger could have had a very hot pocket.

Now, Rex has been on the blower to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Analysts are taking a closer look at the device.

Rex hasn’t disclosed which films, if any, were running – but for a national trip we imagine the in-fright entertainment was better than usual.

Apple hasn’t released a statement yet, but it will probably tell the world it’s a feature.

To be fair to Apple, its products are dropped-down-the-bog-resistant (Pictured below).