iPhone SE is yesterday’s phone today for more

iphone5sepriceWhile the Tame Apple Press is doing its best to flog Apple’s new iPhone SE, even claiming that the world wants its smaller phone back, people are less sure.

Part of the problem is that the phone uses the same three year old design as the unpopular and now mothballed iPhone5C.  True it has a better chip and camera users are hardly going to notice that.  To them the phone is pretty much the same.

Then there is the fact that people are not as keen on phones that small any more.  Even four and a half an inches looks better these days than the four inch version is touting.

YouTuber jacksfilms couldn’t resist taking shots at the new device, which he said was hopelessly outdated for users who have grown to love big displays. For good measure, he also mocked the device’s pricing and its inadequacies as a mobile gaming device.

Apple claimed that the 4-inch screen is great for playing games and editing 4K videos, jacksfilms points out how silly that idea is on suck a tiny screen. The video also points out how ridiculous it is that Apple is boasting that the iPhone SE offers twice the CPU performance of the iPhone 5s, which came out all the way back in 2013.

“That’s right, it’s twice as powerful as a three-year-old phone — incredible, I know!” the video points out.

Jacksfilms also points out that the iPhone SE, according to the video, is that it’s “a phone from three years ago… starting at $400.” It then issues a formal apology to late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

It shows that apart from its usual idiots in the Tame Apple Press Apple is going to have its work cut out selling this lemon.