iPhone more Apple than Crapple in toilet tomfoolery

It’s rare that you hear of an article praising Apple’s choice to seal the battery into its iPhone, but this enclosed design is more than likely the only reason one lucky owner’s iPhone managed to last three days in the U-bend of her toilet.

A highly scientific poll taken by 10 women down our local suggested that objects falling out of pockets while on the pooper is surprisingly common. The chance of those objects making their way directly into the toilet bowl was also surprisingly high.

In this particular case, our owner was completely unaware that her favourite device had descended to the murky depths to join last night’s Sauvignon Blanc – if only there was an app for that!

It was only when the plumber arrived to solve the problem of the blocked lav that the phone’s whereabouts was discovered.

Not being particularly technical, she turned the phone on instantly, to discover that it still worked – with only the camera no longer functioning – hardly a major loss.

It’s hard to say whether the damage caused to the screen was due to water or the brute force the plumber used to remove it. All we do know is that she got very lucky that all she spent was a penny…