iPhone loser has dad stand up for him

You know you are in trouble when your dad stands up for you in the media. Gray Powell, 27, is the bloke who lost the prototype iPhone 4G which ended up in the paws of Gizmodo, which paid $5,000 for it.

Powell is in deep trouble.  After all the last person who lost an Apple prototype ended up at the bottom of a tall building in China.

The media has been unable to find Powell, who we hope has not met a similar end, but his dad rounded off against the person who sold the prototype to Gizmodo calling him a thief.

Powell left the phone in a pub after a drink to celebrate his birthday at a German beer garden in California.

Robert Powell, his dad, told CNET that his son was “devastated” by the incident.

“The bottom line is the guy [who sold the device to Gizmodo] stole the phone … the guy’s a thief,” Robert said.  He added that he didn’t think that Powell would lose his job over the incident, despite Apple, adding he did not believe Gray’s job was in jeopardy.

Before the leak, Apple had not publicly acknowledged the new model, expected to be released in June. In fact, ironically, Apple’s secrecy is widely regarded as a key reason for the hype and buzz enveloping its product launches.

Apple’s unpaid press offices which are given Apple gizmos to test have to keep them chained to desks in windowless rooms.

Jobs personally monitors the so-called carry list of staff members allowed to take pre-release devices off the company’s campus, according to a former employee. Approved staff members must sign an additional confidentiality agreement, the person said.

Gizmodo publisher Nick Denton gave Apple its toy back earlier this week. We don’t think he asked for a reward.