iPhone 'liberation' kit sells out in minutes

On the eve of 4 July, iFixit has found people are beginning to feel the same way about Apple that they did about the British colonial rule.

iFixit promised to issue 1,776 snap up free ‘iPhone Liberation Kits’ which basically lets you get at the guts of an iPhone.

Apple, which believes in taxation without representation, tries to stop its customers from replacing the batteries of its iPhone so that it can make money on repairs. It managed this by using pentalobe screws instead of the standard Philips variety.

iFixit found, much to its surprise, that there was some anger against Apple’s antics – which resulted in the 1,776 kits being snapped up within 16 minutes.

A company spokesperson told Network World that he thought the kits might go quickly. But they went a bit faster than the ride Paul Revere never made to warn the “British were coming”.

It issued some more and by the day was out the company had released 10,600.

“That’s 10,600 iPhones that will soon be liberated. Every replaced pentalobe screw is a powerful symbol of our resistance: We will not be locked out of our phones,” the company said.

The company will continue to ship “Liberation Kits” for only the cost of shipping until 5 July, or they run out of stock.

Apple locking down its phones is about as popular as the tax on tea. Both incidents were spun out of proportion by the right PR.