iPhone App is boot camp for basic hygiene

App developer EpicWin believes that there is mileage in making a game which teaches Apple fanboys the importance of basic hygiene and cleaning up.

For years the smelly little Jobs Mob denizens have been hanging about in their mum’s basement writing smug Web 2.0 comments on the bottom of news stories about how great their gizmos are while listening to Coldplay on their iPhones.

However, apparently it is a well known fact that their rooms are a pigsty and their fruity armpits could strip paint from the wall, if it was not already peeling from their toxic socks.  

EpicWin thinks that the only way to get the social lepers to develop into normal people is to have a game which teaches them the value of personal basic hygene.

The fanboy takes one of the usual fantasy characters from Dungeons and Dragons and gives them points if they do things like keep clean or doing the washing up.  We had a look at the promo model below and there were no screens where you have to battle the deadly underpant monster which has not been washed for a century but we guess you have to start somewhere.