iPhone alarm bug causes early morning chaos in UK

If you got into work an hour late this morning you’re probably blaming it on your iPhone.

It seems Apple is to blame thanks to a bug in iPhone alarm settings which gave Britain an extra hour’s sleep this morning. The bug occurred when Britain switched from summer time and back to GMT yesterday.

Although many of us woke up to the right time yesterday morning, as the iPhone’s clock automatically made the change, it didn’t update alarm settings leaving some users asleep for an extra hour today.

A software developer who told TechEye: “The primary phone clock updated automatically – as you’d hope, but it seems like the background process responsible for firing off recurring events didn’t sync up.

“Setting individual alarms seemed to work fine but the problem was to do with the re-curring ones – the kind you’d set to wake you up in the morning! – that have the issue”

He said if the alarm was created before the clocks changed, it broke, but pointed out the problem could be rectified by creating a new alarm after the time zone changed.  

People took to Twitter to complain about their late awakening, with one writing: “Great start to a Monday, cheers Jobs.”

And they have every right to. The problem’s not new.

It was first noticed in Australia where countless people set their alarm clocks to go to work after the change. But those down under were hit with the same bug.

The race probably isn’t on to stop the same happening in the US when it switches in five days. According to our developer a fix shouldn’t be too hard. “I’d be surprised if it wasn’t straightforward for Apple to fix,” he told us.

It said, back on the 12th October: “We’re aware of this issue and already developed a fix which will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.”

As far as we can tell a fix is scotch mist. We’ve tried to speak to Apple but no one was responding, suggesting they’re all asleep too.