iPhone 7 hands free lost with all hands

imagesubmarine2sinkingApple appears to have realised that its iPhone 7 is not doing as well as it has been claiming.

For a while now the Tame Apple Press has been telling the world+dog that the iPhone 7 has been heading for a recording breaking year. This is even though it shipped with wireless headphones, which no-one wanted, and no real noticeable difference from the iPhone 6S.

Apple had already ordered less of the iPhone 7 from its Asian partners than the iPhone 6, but increased its orders when its main rival the Galaxy Note 7 started melting.

Word on the street is that most Galaxy Note 7 owners remained brand loyal and refused to buy an iPhone and left Apple with rather a lot of stock on hand.

The Nikkei financial daily said Apple has trimmed production of iPhones by about 10 percent in the January-March quarter of 2017citing calculations based on data from suppliers.

This is on top of its original 30 percent cut in January-March this year due to accumulated inventory.

This means that the iPhone seven production is down 40 per cent in total and Apple can’t shift the phones it has in stock.

Apple is saying nothing because it means that the iPhone 7 is to Apple what Vista was to Microsoft.