iPhone 5 touted for September release

That elusive Apple product the iPhone 5 is starting to resurface on the rumour mill again, with reports of sources close to the company telling Reuters that the new product will arrive this September.

Plans for the iPhone 5 have not yet been made public, so Reuters is keeping its sources close. We have heard wind that since a roadmap had not appeared as of last week, the product cycle could arrive a little later than usual. September fits.

As usual, Apple spokespeople are declining to comment.

It seems then the iPhone 5 will be a more polished version of the current incarnation, with a faster processor and other tinkerings.

There has been some suspicion that Apple will be approaching a lower pay-model to attract those sitting on the fence about splashing out on the traditionally expensive iDevices. 

It’d be a clever move.

But what could be equally clever is simply rehashing the iPhone 4 with high-profile app releases that are intended for use with the iPhone 5 only, like Garageband was with the iPad 2 – amidst a marketing flurry it’d have queues around the block anyway, keeping users locked in to Apple’s world by promising better applications and performance if they upgrade.

Bit like PCs really.