iPhone 5 goes into production

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth rumour which claims the fruit themed cargo-cult Apple is about to give birth to yet another doom-laden incarnation of the iPhone.

According to Mobile Witch, the iPhone 5 has reached the level of trial production, and features a “metal case” and mobile-payment technology.

Although it is only a rumour, it is fairly likely that the iPhone 5 would be at the trial production stage about now. The beast is expected to be released in the third quarter, so it would be about now that trial production should be happening.

The site has a picture of what it says the iPhone 5 will look like. In fact it will probably be the same as the iPhone 4 but without all the problems . It will have an A5 dual-core processor, a larger 4-inch touch screen display and what looks like an aluminium outer frame.

Apple was getting it in the neck over its daft idea to give its iPhone 4 a glass back. While it did look jolly nice it did have a habit of scratching or breaking.  You also could not paint it white.

In addition to going back to the aluminium back, it has also adjusted the aerial position to avoid the grip of death.

So it is really a huge bug fix with a slighty bigger screen to make it appear different. Nothing to see here, move on please.

Of course that will not stop it being hyped to high heaven and people queuing for days to buy one.

If the rumours are right, and it is in production, now might be the time to scout around a few bars where Apple engineers hang out. You can probably find one and become famous leaking it to the press.