iPhone 5 blighted with more problems

Apple fanboys are starting to moan about technical problems related to the iPhone 5 which go beyond its mapping software being a chocolate teapot of apps.

In an email Apple support has confirmed that side-lit phones taken by the iPhone 5 do have a purple haze. This is the sort of thing that Jimi Hendrix would not approve of because it makes snaps from the expensive toy look terrible.

But never fear, Apple’s geniuses have come up with a fix, they are saying sorry and recommending that you buy a nice Android phone which is much cheaper and does not have these sorts of bugs.

No, not really – Apple is saying that it is perfectly normal for phones to put purple haze on every picture. You may just have not noticed it before,

Gizmodo reports that Apple is blaming users – because they should angle the camera away from the bright light source when taking pictures.

According to Debby in AppleCare Support this is considered normal behaviour for the iPhone 5′s camera, so there is nothing to fix. Well, other than buying a phone with a working camera. The iPhone 4 did not have this problem.

Apple’s iPhone also has a battery fault which causes it to suck up battery as if it were a melted McDonald’s milk shake.

The battery problem only affects those that have restored their old iPhone onto a new one.

MacTalk.com.au editor Peter Wells told the Sydney Morning Herald Apple has made this mistake before and he was hoping that it would be fixed in a 6.0.1 update addressing battery life very soon.

If you don’t want to wait, some Apple users could simply reset all of the phone’s settings, after backing it up, of course.

As well as the iPhone’s alleged battery problems, some have also reported it using excessive amounts of data and preferring the 4G network over wi-fi even when connected to wi-fi.

The best fix for all of your iPhone 5’s problems is to take it back to the shop and buy a proper, cheaper phone instead. It is already being slammed for excessive scratching. One fanboy sorted out iOS 6’s mapping problem by scratching a map on the back of his.