iPhone 4G leaks in Vietnam

Another leak of an iPhone 4G has surfaced, with Vietnamese Apple forum Taoviet showing multiple pictures of what appears to be an updated model of the prototype Gizmodo had last month.

Some information that came with the photos showed that the model was 16GB, had a micro SIM instead of standard SIM, and had the SIM slot moved from the top to the side. There is also a frontal camera for video call. The people who had the new prototype complained it did not fit squarely in their hands.

iphone leak 1

iphone leak 2

iphone leak 3

The device was torn apart to reveal what it’s like inside. The chip bears the markings 339S0084, K4X2G643GE, YN6024Z3, and APL0398.

iphone leak 4
iphone leak 5

Gizmodo’s leak of the iPhone 4G last month after buying the device from someone who supposedly found it in a bar caused a lot of stir. Apple called the police, who then raided the home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen. Gizmodo responded by threatening a lawsuit.

That was not the only case when Apple threw a hissy fit over a leaked product, however, and it has become notoriously guarded about product secrecy.

Last year a prototype was lost by security company Foxconn, which resulted in Apple putting pressure on the hired gun. Foxconn then put pressure on 25-year old Sun Danyong, who then put pressure on himself by leaping to his death.

It’s not clear how Taoviet users got their hands on the latest prototype, but what is clear is that if the past is anything to go by Apple will go ballistic.