Iphone 4 sends messages from 1969

People using Steve Job’s innovative rubber band powered phone for right handed people are reporting that they are getting weird emails from from the past.

They’re receiving emails from 1969 while they cannot get the iPhone 4 to send messages from the current date unless they are sitting on the wireless router and are not touching the phone.

The emails contain no content and come from “No Sender.” They also appear to be undeletable. Some have suggested that it is an advertising campaign for the flick Men in Black III,  which has a significant iPhone product placement features time travelling to 1969

If these curious emails from the past are related to the film, the producers may have jumped the gun a bit. The movie is not scheduled for release until 2012 and the fact that the emails can’t be deleted is damn annoying.

The thought that the Men in Black would rely on the broken iPhone 4 to save the universe is a little worrying.  Fortunately we think it is just another iPhone iFlaw which the phone is justly famous for.