iPhone 4 can't tell the time

Fruity peddler of broken phones, Apple, has promised that it will fix a glitch which makes the alarm clock on its iPhone Flaw about as reliable as an Yugo on a crisp Russian morning.

The problem was first noticed in Australia where countless fanboys set their alarm clocks to go to work, trusting in the mighty power of Steve Jobs to get them to work on time.

Unfortunately Steve had decided that the time system should work according to his unique rules and so Apple fanboys in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT and South Australia would not be switched to daylight saving time.

While Apple fanboys basked in the knowledge that Steve always knows what was right for them, their employers were probably not so happy about turning up an hour late.

The Apple forums are full of people saying that there is absolutely no problem at all. All they have to do is set the alarm to ring an hour early.

However it has not crossed their tiny minds that they have forked out a fortune for a phone which can’t be used in the left hand unless it is held together with a rubber band, drops calls when you place it to your ear, has a unique turns brown screen and cannot do something basic, such as tell the time. Smartphones are supposed to be a bit clever, but most four year olds can tell the time.

Apple has promised that it has found an answer which will be available to customers in an upcoming software update. Of course it did not say when the update would be available. In the meantime Apple fanboys will be out of sync with the rest of humanity.