iPad users are a bunch of tossers – official

Claiming to be the UK’s largest online sex toy retailer, LoveHoney has just been data mining its Google Analytics stats.These show that Apple iPad users have the highest average spend on sex toys, closely followed by iPhone users, then Mac users.

So that officially makes them a bunch of tossers, doesn’t it?

LoveHoney director, Richard Longhurst, says, “Apple users might spend more than Windows users because they’re sexually more confident and are more adventurous in the bedroom.” Hmm.

His second theory is this … “Or it could be because they’re richer – those iPhones and iPads aren’t cheap.” He has a point but notice how he steers clear of the ‘social misfits’ theory?

Mr Longhurst also observes that, “People can take their iPad anywhere so it’s private and discreet.” Definite proof of tossership if there ever was one.

LoveHoney find this whole thing ironic given Steve Jobs’s recent attempts to keep adult content off iTunes and the iPad in particular.

Especially when the owners of this trendy tablet computer are spending more than anyone else on sex toys. Never mind the amount of money they spend, they also read 50 percent more pages on the LoveHoney site than average.

Wonder what Apple’s fanboys will have to say about this?