iPad is a terror instrument

The US Open has banned Apple’s iPad from the stadium on the grounds that the device might be used by terrorists.

According to Reuters, some visitors to Arthur Ashe Stadium carrying their Jobs’ Mob toys were spurned like rabid dogs when security guards found them carrying the shiny gadgets.

Those turned aside were told that the gear is the tool of choice for terrorists and no one wants an aircraft flying into the stadium. Apparently terrorists are using iPads to detonate things.

Er, not that we have heard of. You can detonate a bomb with much cheaper mobile technology and do not have to pay a premium to the evil Western Imperialist Steve Jobs.

Strangely the event organisers take space on their website to boast about their iPhone app and while the phones were allowed to the match, the tablet was banned.

Organisers say that they were not just singling out Jobs’ Mob’s tablets. The list of forbidden gear includes computers and laptops as well as video recorders. While we understand video recorders, and laptops, we are yet to see someone try and set up their PC at a tennis match.

Joe Ambeault, a product development executive for Verizon, was one of those held up on his way to Verizon’s suite at the stadium because his bag included an array of gadgets such as an iPad, a laptop and some smartphones. He seems to have got by with his gear, but then he didn’t have a beard. 

We don’t think the ban has got anything to do with terrorism. It is just that the last thing you want is an Apple fanboy sitting next to you at a tennis match. Sitting there while they tell you that Steve Jobs died for your sins and how wonderful the iPad is, is really annoying.  Security guards should be encouraged to taser them on sight.