iPad is a rip off

An early adopter of the iPad is without a finger after a gang tried to steal the expensive gear and took his digit with them.

Bill Jordan was picking up an iPad from the Apple Store for his employer, when thieves seeing him come from the Apple store assumed that he was carrying something extremely expensive.

They  grabbed the bag containing the iPad, but the draw string wrapped around Jordan’s finger, pulling off the flesh and tendons in the struggle.

Inspector Knacker of the Denver Yard have surveillance tapes from the Cherry Creek Mall where the crime took place and are currently hoping that Jordan will be able to point the finger at the criminals in a line up.

However the US press is thinking that there might be a crime wave,  with Apple gear being targeted.

It seems that thieves have realised that Apple products have a high resale value because they are incredibly expensive in the first place.   Apparently smash-and-grabs at  Apple stores are becoming a lot more common as the tea leaves can make off with more than $40,000 worth of gear with just a single brick.  After all, how heavy can half a dozen iPads be?

It is the not the first time that Apple users are often victims in one form or another. Not only do they pay over the odds for insecure computers, their intelligence is often questioned  by people who know a bit about technology.