iPad clones hit Chinese market

Chinese hardware makers have been flat out flogging what the tame Apple press is calling pirated iPad clones. We said this would happen some weeks ago, here.

Touch screen netbooks without a keyboard have been showing up in Hong Kong’s many computer shops. While there is no doubt that their appearance is something to do with the fact that Apple delayed the international release of the iPad, there is nothing on them to suggest that they are pretending to be Jobs’ Mob machines.

In fact they are cheap tablets which have been around for ages, that the tame Apple press has just discovered now that their favourite company is peddling them.

However it does not take much research to discover that they are actually much better than the Apple machines and have different designs. One has three USB ports and is squarer, it also runs Windows.

It is also a lot cheaper at $442.  Does it sound like an iPad?  $442 is actually expensive for a Chinese knock off.  Our sources tell us, we would expect a real iPad clone to go for about $200 in Hong Kong.  One was expected, but our supplier had not seen one yet.

He told us that he had these tablets in his store for months and was attempting to flog them now that the iPad craze had taken off. The spec he showed us was more tablet PC than netbook and it was not wired into Jobs’ Mob’s walled garden of delights.

The one we saw did not have an Apple logo on it, which is what we would have expected to see if it really was a cloning attempt.

Meanwhile the tame Apple press have been claiming that it is all piracy against Jobs’ Mob. The assumption is that Apple invented the tablet, which has been around for a while.