Intel's Kenya phones sell out

Intel’s African partner Safaricom is jolly happy after it flogged initial inventory of 5,000 Intel Yolo phones in less than 14 days.

The phone, a product of Intel and Safaricom’s research, was launched in Kenya on 24 January this year. Peter Arina, Safaricom’s director of the consumer business unit told All Africa that the firm had stocked 5,000 initial units.

The device uses Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.1, which Intel says will be upgraded to 4.2. Physical specs include 4 gigabytes of storage, a 3.5 inch display, a 5 megapixel rear camera and high speed 3G.

Speaking to CIO East Africa, Safaricom’s director of corporate affairs, Nzioka Waita, said that the depletion of initial stock had resulted in a price hike.

Nzioka also said it was so confident that the phone would be a best seller that it would no longer be subsidising feature phones.

Communications of Kenya Statistics as of September 2012 show that Kenya had 8.5 million internet subscriptions, with 8.4 million of them being mobile web subscriptions.

The same statistics show that Safaricom had 5.6 million internet subscribers.

All this is small, but given that the press had more or less written off Intel in the mobile market, it is good news for Chipzilla.