Intel wants to buy Palm – report

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth rumour which claims that Intel is trying to buy Palm from the maker of jolly expensive printer ink, HP.

HP has been trying to do something with its Palm acquisition now it has no intention of using the WebOS in anything. It cost HP more than $3.3 billion to buy.

Now word on the street says that Chipzilla has told HP it wants Palm’s assets, the most important of which is WebOS.

Even if Chipzilla does write a cheque for Palm, HP will still have to book a huge lost on the OS. All it can really do is cry into its beer over that and console itself that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

The only thing good about such a deal should be that it can make it one of the prerequisites for the sale that it can have a WebOS licence for its printer range.

VentureBeathowever thinks that this is a major factor in the talks taking place between Intel and HP.

Intel has lost MeeGo, so WebOS could well be of interest, although we would have thought that there were any number of half developed operating systems out there which would do Intel just as well. Our thought is that Intel wants to buy Palm for its patents. After all the outfit has some jolly interesting Personal Organiser patents, or tablets as they are now called.