Intel tries to find people interested in MeeGo

Now that Microsoft has stolen Nokia from the clutches of Intel, the chip maker is wondering what to do with the operating system, MeeGo, that it was working on with the former rubber boot maker.

Intel and Nokia were working on the Linux based operating system with the hope that it might pull the mobile phone maker’s nadgers out of the fire.

But with Nokia gone, Intel has been wondering what it should do with the operating system.

According to Rethink Wireless its future could be under the bonnet of your car.

MeeGo was built by merging Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo. Intel wanted to create something that would survive outside the handset world.

It turns out that MeeGo is being taken very seriously in the car market.

Jim Zemlin, head of the Linux Foundation said the OS was already commercial in embedded systems such as cars and even existed in a WeTab tablet from German vendor 4titoo.

Zemlin believes the operating system could push the world towards the open source community. Rather than it dying, we are seeing the first five minutes of a very long game, he insisted.

Nissan is working on MeeGo-based in-car entertainment systems and other electronics. Nissan told Rethink that it loved the operating system because it reduced cost and allowed third party apps to be added in.

MeeGo is in a set-top box for Telecom Italia which pushes dire Italian television programmes along with more useful internet connections.

Chipzilla is also in talks with manufacturers to use it in cheap and cheerful laptops for deprived communities.

While it would seem that things are doing well for the operating system, despite Nokia’s defection, Dawn Foster, a MeeGo community organiser at Intel, said that things were still dodgy.

This is because the market is waiting for devices that will prove the OS’s viability.

Developers and manufacturers are unwilling to spend a lot of time learning a new SDK and APIs when “there aren’t a lot of devices in the market.”