Intel told to get out of mobile

A report from JP Morgan suggested that Intel will carry on losing money in the mobile sector – including tablets and smartphones.

According to JP Morgan, quoted in EE Times, the X86 technology for both tablets and smartphones is inferior to ARM technology.

“If Intel were to shut down its mobile business, we estimate it could unlock roughly $0.50 in 2015 EPS.”

The news won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone apart from Intel.  The megachip firm has invested plenty of money in the smartphone sector but with little returns.  The overwhelming majority of tablets and smartphones don’t use Intel mobile tech.

JP Morgan won’t be popular at Intel. The company under the leadership of its CEO is determined to continue to spend yet more money investing in the mobile space.

The official Intel line is that its Bay Trail chips, along with 14 nanometre technology will lead the smartphone and tablet pack.