Intel tipped by itself to be big on phones

Intel has announced a glorious five year plan which it thinks will make it huge in the mobile market.

Intel told Bloomberg that it will become a “big player” in the market over the next five years. That is fighting talk, given that for the last ten years it has not been able to do it.

Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith said that Intel doesn’t go into markets to be a small player and there is a lot of opportunity in the mobile market.

Intel has already signed up five customer wins for its phone-chip designs. The first, from Lava International, is aimed squarely at the Indian market and Intel is trying to claim that this launch is a sign it is making some headway. Other names that have agreed to use the chip are Orange, Motorola Mobility, Lenovo and ZTE.

Last week Intel had a zero share, and this week, it’s zero-point-something, because the first phones are selling, Smith optimistically said. In other words the glass is not mostly empty – it has a bit of a dribble in the bottom.

Phone chips will not have any effect on Intel’s results in 2012, but the company expects to have “meaningful sales” by this time next year.

Five years from now, Intel says it wants to hold a significant share of the market, Smith hopefully opined. To do that, of course, it has to kill off Qualcomm, deal with Apple, and convince everyone to abandon ARM.  Should be a peace of cake