Intel shoots MeeGo

Intel has announced that it is changing the name of MeeGo in what a cynic would say is a move to kill off the operating system without anyone noticing.

According to a press statement, Intel has joined Linux Foundation and LiMo Foundation in support of Tizen, a new Linux-based open source software platform for multiple device categories.

The press release said that Tizen builds upon the strengths of both LiMo and MeeGo and Intel will be working with its MeeGo partners on the transition to Tizen.

We will not see Tizen until the beginning of 2012, and the first devices will not be around until the middle of the year.

Tizen will apparently support smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, Netbooks, and in-vehicle infotainment devices using a flexible standards-based HTML5 and WAC Web development. It will all be open source and run by a technical steering team of Intel and Samsung.

Tizen is yet another name change for the OS which started life as Moblin. Moblin was an OS for small devices like netbooks and smartphones. The brand was damaged when Nokia ditched it in favour of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform and when manufacturers started to withdraw support.

The question is why would Chipzilla insist on a name change, again, and force its developers to adapt to a new system? CNET seems to think Intel wants to merge the operating system out of existence.

The logic is that getting rid of Meego is bad PR, and shows a lack of commitment to the developer community. It is better to rename it, so if anyone complains then you can say it is simply renamed. Then when it does not take off, it can be quietly shelved under a less hyped name

We asked Intel what it was doing with Meego a while back and it said that it thought there was life in the OS yet, and it had a cunning plan.