Intel plans to control the mobile market in China

As we predicted this time last year, Intel thinks it is well poised to dominate the mobile market in China.

Sean Maloney was chatting with users hosted on Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo and said that  Intel plans to win in the Chinese market for tablets and smartphones.

Maloney said that his cunning plan in China is to win with smartphones and tablets, and he claims Intel is making a lot of progress towards it.

He told the excited social not-workers how Intel has been developing new chips, including mobile chip Medfield, that aim to offer better power savings and fast computing speeds.

Maloney needs to talk up the power of Medfield. Later this week he is hosting the Intel’s annual developer forum in Beijing. During that event, Maloney said the company will demo Medfield, which can be used in both tablets and smartphones.

Intel is clearly hoping that its recent deal with Lenovo will help it get a foot in the door in China. China is currently dominated by tablet and smartphone chips from rival ARM, but Intel has been negotiating with partners in China for some time now.

China will be the first place to see the Intel Medfield phone, called the K800, during the second quarter of this year.