Intel mobile chip game found inside 2D barcode

Experimenting with reading 2D barcodes, TechEye pointed its cameraphone at a 2D code created by Intel’s German operation. The link takes you to Intel Germany’s mobile site and buried away on the mobile web page is a download option. Click on that and you’ll receive a mobile phone game called Chip Checker created by some outfit called YOC AG. The game’s a scream.

The plot is that Chip Checker pretends to take a look inside your mobile phone and the background is obviously a motherboard. Players check the handset’s system for obsolete chips and LEDs. The aim is to help the Intel Bunnyman with upgrading the board’s parts. This is obviously tongue-in-cheek stuff.

The game downloaded perfectly well onto TechEye’s Nokia N95 but it’s available for free download on the Blackberry North America site here. Only problem? All the commands are in German and there appears to be no Anglicised version. Curiously the game is mentioned on the Androidlib site too, here. That version is not only in German but the plot’s description is German, too.

TechEye gets the feeling that Intel Germany’s marketing department has been up to tricks that its peers in Santa Clara don’t seem to be aware of. With a little help from an online translator like Google’s, you’d probably be able to play the game in no time.