Intel forms lab with Huawei

Intel and China’s Huawei Technologies are building a joint lab to speed up the development of Time Division Duplex Long Term Evolution (TDD-LTE).

The two companies have a cunning plan to speed up the implementation of TDD-LTE technology in China.

Under the deal, Intel will connect directly to Huawei’s infrastructure to carry out end-to-end testing of its mobile platforms.

A spokesperson for Huawei, Deng Taihua, said that the company wanted to roll the technology out worldwide. It might have a few problems doing this, as the company is considered by some in the US as an untrustworthy arm of the Chinese government. However, the mood might change if the company is backed by Chipzilla.

Vice President of Intel Architecture Group W.K. Tan said that Intel is committed to working with partners in China to build a healthy TDD-LTE ecosystem within China and beyond.

In other words, if Chipzilla plays this right it could end up making a lot of money pushing cheaper LTE gear in the lucrative Chinese market. If both companies succeed, then they could end up leading the move to next generation networks worldwide.