Intel expects

WiMAX needs you! That, apparently is the message that chip giant Intel has been touting in Ole Taipei.

According to the Taipei Times, there are now over 500 WiMAX installs in 147 countries while 11 PC firms have notebooks with certified WiMAX  chips inside.

The newspaper quotes a VP of Intel’s Architecture Group, one Rama Shukla, as saying that Taiwanese manufacturers are very important in the development of WiMAX.

More notebooks with WiMAX chips inside will be released in the second half of this year, said Shukla.

He reckons that 10 million people would adopt WiMAX by the end of this year, and he calls it 4G. 4G isn’t WiMAX, according to numerous other companies working on future wireless technology.

Look, according to Vmax, 500 taxi cabs using WiMAX are already running around in Old Taipei, and that number will rise to 6,000 by the end of this year.

Intel has a problem, in that adoption of 3.5G is pretty widespread. And a WiMAX gizmo costs $100 extra.  But Intel expects, as you can read in the Taipei Times, here.