Intel demos reference Silvermont tablet

An interesting Computex showcase seems to have gone under the radar. Intel showed off a reference Silvermont tablet, built around the new Bay Trail-T platform.

The specs sound quite impressive, with a 10-inch 2560×1440 screen weighing in at 611 grams. Anand got some hands-on time with the device and reports that it’s about as thick as a fourth generation iPad.

The choice of OS is just as interesting – the device is capable of running both Windows 8 and Android 4.2.2. Thanks to the new chipset, it also features USB 3.0 support, something that we’re just starting to see on new tablets, such as a few models based on Nvidia’s Tegra 4.

Although high res screens are nothing new in the Android world, Intel’s reference tab seems to be the highest resolution tablet capable of running Windows. So far most Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets featured rather unimpressive screens, trumped by 2560×1600 and 2048×1536 panels used on high end Androids and iPads.

There is still no word on performance, battery life or pricing. Although we don’t doubt Intel’s new chip should deliver loads of performance and good efficiency, we’re not sure it will come cheap.