Intel considers Google's Android

Not long after pledging its commitment to MeeGo, there are rumours afloat that the Good Ship Intel may be readying partnerships with Google’s Android.

According to sources at Digitimes, the company has been getting cosy with Google for around six months and will soon be announcing plans to use the Android 3.0 operating system in the PRC Plus tablet PCs.

The plan, according to the sources in the notebook market, will utilise Intel’s processors and thus improve on the speed and overall running of the operating system.

In addition to pushing an Intel/Android 3.0 platform, Intel also wants to use a similar strategy as that in the PC industry and pay a subsidy of US$10 for each Intel CPU-based tablet PC to attract first-tier notebook vendors.

Intel isn’t commenting. What is likely though is if Intel wants to make the best of the tablet market, it can’t solely support its own OS no matter how much it would like to, especially with the slew of Android devices which will hit the market.

Intel was there for MeeGo when Nokia announced it was running to Windows Phone 7.

At the time Intel swore it would remain true to its MeeGo project, telling TechEye: “We remain committed to innovating this open source platform and on collaborating with Nokia and other industry players on its development – which should benefit users of mobile devices beyond smartphones.”